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Sunset Toastmasters

Meeting Schedule


Name 5/18 6/01 6/15
Adams, John S1 JM TOD
Earhart, Amelia GE ? E2
Grant, Ulysses TM Out TT
Hancock, John TT TI ?
Henry, Patrick AC TM ?
Jefferson, Thomas Any AC Any
King, Coretta Scott E1 TOD S1
King, Martin Luther, Jr. E2 ? AC
Lincoln, Abraham TI S1 E1
Madison, Dolly TT E1 ?
Nightingale, Florence TOD ? S2
Revere, Paul GR ? GE
Roosevelt, Eleanor Any S2 GR
Ross, Betsy JM E2 ?
Tubman, Harriet ? TT JM
Washington, George S2 GE TM
Washington, Martha ? GR TI


AC Ah Counter
Any Any Role
E Evaluator
GE General Evaluator
GR Grammarian
JM Jokemaster
Out Planned Absence
S Speaker
TI Timer
TM Toastmaster
TOD Thought of the Day
TT Table Topics Master
? Unknown


If you cannot fill your assignment, please notify the scheduler (Eleanor Roosevelt) as soon as possible.

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