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Sunset Toastmasters

What’s New


Each year, from July 1 through June 30, Sunset Toastmasters is served by a dedicated team of club officers. We have picked our new officers. Congratulations!


Once again, we have to tip our hats to our own Betsy Ross, who won the District 4 Evaluation Contest! Betsy had the best combination of positive, sympathetic, motivational style and clear, focused analytical qualities as she evaluated a powerful test speech given by Emily Dickinson of District 57 (East Bay). The speech, titled “I Slipped and Fell,” was Emily’s account of surviving domestic violence.

George Achieves Top Recognition

George Washington has recently completed the requirements for some top Toastmasters designations.

For Advanced Toastmaster Gold, he:

For Advanced Leader, he:

As Advanced Toastmaster Gold and Advanced Leader, George has earned the highest Toastmasters designation: Distinguished Toastmaster. Wow, George, we’re speechless!

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