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POTUS Hospitalized

October 2020
Barbara Leeds

“No symptoms—just for observation”

Multitudes attend to his needs
Docs administer unusual treatment cocktail
      Some for advanced cases
      Some for severe cases
      Some experimental
      One with cognitive side effects
      —Though how could we tell?
Secret Service risks infection to chauffeur him around the block
      For a strong dose of adoration therapy
Hospital supplies desk; aides supply pen and blank paper
      For “official document-signing” photo-op therapy

After three days in the hospital
POTUS “much improved”
Returns to White House
Climbs front stairs to balcony
Rips off mask
Rushes back to campaign trail
“See? No need to fear COVID—I feel better than I have in 20 years”
The steroids talking?

Symptoms? Severity? Timeline?
Docs can’t get their story straight
Number and identities of others infected?
White House mum

Meanwhile 215,000 Americans dead
And I cower at home

Copyright 2020 Barbara Leeds