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May 2020
Barbara Leeds

Parallel to the fence
On the airport side
Two rabbits approach each other
At rabbit speed
When they are six feet apart
They stop
Face each other
Rabbits know about social distancing?
After a moment
Each resumes its solitary journey

The rabbit going my way
In view again
Still parallel to the fence
But now on my side
The rabbit runs a few yards
Looks back the way he came
Runs. Stops. Looks. Runs. Stops. Looks.
How to get home?

I continue my own journey
The trail turns away from the airport
I pass the Nature Interpretive Center (closed)
The parking lots (empty)
The duck pond (unvisited)
I walk down the center of the road
I own the road
Until I pass the barricade
And wonder
How to get home?

Copyright 2020 Barbara Leeds