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June 2020
Barbara Leeds

Coronavirus sickens America
Businesses shut down
Millions lose jobs

Government sends $1,200
Sure, I could use it
But with so many hungry
I donate to Second Harvest Food Bank

Weeks pass
Pleas for assistance escalate
A neighbor phones:
Some organization delivering free meals to seniors
I’m about to say “No, I just donated”
When she says she is receiving
More than she can eat
Would I take some?

I can afford groceries
And I can cook—not well, but adequately

Several neighbors come to mind
I suggest names
She’s asked them
Some already receive these meals
One doesn’t like the food
Another can’t open the containers

“I can’t stay on the phone all day,” she says
“Take it—please”

I swallow my pride
My guilt
And my first tasty meal in months

Copyright 2020 Barbara Leeds