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For Jill and Tim

She studied English, which helped her find work
As a wallpaper hanger, a jewelry store clerk,
A chambermaid, laborer, library page,
And then a tech writer—enhancing her wage.

He comes from Torrance and UCLA.
Got his BSEE, then “Hello, San Jose!”
He soon joined the ranks of employed engineers,
Working at Lockheed for nineteen good years.

Their employers, on opposite sides of the street,
Cosponsored a gym, where they happened to meet.
They worked on their arms and their backs and their thighs.
They sculpted their bodies to just the right size.

His muscles were rippling; she glistened with sweat.
“Are you done with that Nautilus?” “Sorry, not yet.”
He asked her out for a couple of meals.
In turn, she asked him to a “Run for the Seals.”

Since then they’ve discovered that they’re of like minds:
They’re both fond of chocolate and films of all kinds
And concerts and hiking and being on skis
And walking the dog and just shooting the breeze.

She’s quick with a story, a pun, or a rhyme—
A great sense of humor, her own sense of time,
And wide-ranging ideas that he’s willing to try,
For he is an all-around regular guy.

He’s nice and agreeable, doesn’t play rough,
But still he knows how to do all the guy stuff.
He’s sensible, funny, with boyish good looks.
She’s fond of his eyes. Did we mention he cooks?

They’ve shared many a movie and many a laugh
And many a coffee prepared “half and half.”
They’ve traveled together; they’ve done some cool trips—
Popped over to Hungary for an eclipse.

Last August at Yellowstone, after they walked,
He gave her a card with two rings interlocked,
Saying, “How does this ring: will you marry me, Jill?”
Ever decisive, she said, “Yes, I will.”

After six years of dating, they both say “I do”
On July twenty-eighth, two thousand and two.
He’s sure that he loves her; she’s sure she loves him.
So let’s lift up our glasses to Jill and to Tim.

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